Containment berms are open top containment units for temporary storage of oil or contaminated liquids.  The containment basins also serve as temporary dikes around tanks.  A great resource for oil spill containment and oil spill clean up. They are portable and set up in the field in minutes.


Equipment washdown
Truck/Vehicle washdown
Haz/Mat decontamination
Drip pads
Overturned truck containment
Oil boom cleaning basics
Temporary holding of containment sorbents and other materials
Personal washdown
Emergency spill containment
Drum containment
Railcar spill containment
Saddle tank spill containment
Pipeline repair and maintenance operations


Strong, lightweight PVC vinyl
Other material options available - XR-5 (chemical resistant), ORLTA (Artic fabric), Urethane
Optional tread pads and ground covers available
Custom sizes available


Part No. Dimension Gallons Weight/lbs.
G-484 4'x8'x4" 79 22
G-664 6'x6'x4" 89 30
G-10104 10'x10'x4" 247 45
G-10204 10'x20'x4" 495 58
G-15204 15'x20'x4" 742 110
G-10404 10'x40'x4" 990 118
G-14304 14'x30'x4" 1039 180
G-10504 10'x50'x4" 1230 195
G-14504 14'x50'x4" 1700 207
G-15604 15'x60'x4" 2227 220